Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

I've been slaving away again (ha!), working on some more Santas.  It's an exciting life, I must admit.  All men, all the time...

The tree Santa, which will need some patch work (I was trying to speed up drying by putting them on a rack over a heating vent overnight.  Crack is whack, yo.), was made on a Styrofoam cone.  The other Santa was formed on a paper cone.  The paper cones are easier to work with, but I prefer the finished product I get using the Styrofoam.  

I decided to experiment this year with some paper mache ornaments I found at Hobby Lobby.  I'm hoping their faces don't dry up and fall off.  That would be bad.  Very bad.

I'm not sure that I care for this flat heart ornament.

A close-up of the cone Santa.  He might need a little patch work too.  Hopefully they will be dry enough to paint in a couple of days.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so glad that it is finally December!  It always seems like one of those months that begins so full of promise, don't you think?  Whether or not that actually pans out is something else, but just the idea of possibilities is enough for me most years.   I still don't have any Christmas decorations out, but I figure I will be ahead of the game if I have them out before December 22nd.  I've managed to run pretty late the last few years (we were replacing flooring last year).  I will post some pictures once I get them up.  Until then, back to another afternoon with just me and my jolly men...  oh yeah.  


  1. Well...............I received this flat heart Santa and I love him!!!!!!!!! Of course, now the heart is covered with red glitter, he is painted and his painted fur trim on the hood looks great with the pretty berry decoration. I love Santa and I love you!

  2. He was definitely much better after paint and glitter! Sometimes, you just never know...