Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's the Final Countdown

It's almost here.  Bran and Don's personal holiday... Halloween.  At least they thought it was when they were little.  They didn't understand why everyone didn't get to go door-to-door and be given candy on their birthdays too.  Silly boys.

Part of our mantel.

The other side.

All lit up at night, but taken prior to putting up the fake webbing (and Euthanasia's mask kept falling off).  Yes, we named our bust.  Doesn't everyone?  She was a Halloween decoration from Michael's that we picked up a couple of years ago, painted gold, and now leave out all year.   

We add masks to some of our stuff.


Some favorite plates.

Less than two weeks to go.......................


  1. Love the decorations but I really LOVE the oval clock in the fourth picture!

  2. The clock came from Pier One, but I know Hobby Lobby carries the same one too.

  3. LOVE the decorations! We haven't had time yet but It's my favorite time of year. Your boys have Halloween for a birthday? Unfair. Mine is July and I HATE summer.